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How To Lay Out a Small Bedroom

Not many people have the privilege to have a master and luxurious bedroom in their house. The majority of people living in open plan apartments or small houses are taking their night’s sleep in small bedroom areas.

In this article we will offer you some creative and practical ways to lay out your small bedroom. These ideas may also be applied to a children’s room as well.



  1. Use multipurpose cabinets with a fold-out bed


You can use some of the multipurpose built-in cabinets that are available in the market to provide a sleeping area for yourself, another member of your family, your roommate or your guest.

Nowadays you can also find some amazing modern furniture that incorporates the three most important aspects of a small bedroom into one: sleeping area, storage and office (see image below).

You may perhaps have to invest more in this sophisticated furniture, but it will eventually pay off as you will have both comfort and maximal use of your tiny sleeping area, or if you want to wow your friends and family then kit it out in full steampunk style decor.

Raised beds with integrated wardrobe and office


  1. Make lofted bedroom


As we have seen in many properties, lofted bedrooms are perfect for small houses as they provide a comfortable sleeping area.

Furthermore, the space beneath the lofted bedroom can be used as a living area, as another sleeping area, a storage place or as an office.

Therefore, whenever possible, make a lofted bedroom because in this way you will take advantage of the upper parts of your tiny house, too, rather than only the lower ones, therefore maximizing your living space.

Luxury white lofted bedroom

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  1. Bunk beds are a must

If you have two or more children and you live in a tiny house, then bunk beds are inevitable as they are the best space-saving furniture. You can either use a traditional bunk bed or multiple beds for three or more children who share a room (like those on the image below).

The bunk beds will go in the corner of the children’s room, leaving the rest of the room for them to play and study.

 Bunk beds in a tiny house

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  1. Make most of the room under the bed


The area underneath the bed makes for a convenient storage area, so make sure you buy a storage bed, possibly a modern one like this on the image below.

If you do not have money for a new and modern storage bed, you can make a DIY storage compartment under the bed or make a platform bed on your own under which you can store a number of things, such as books, clothing, linen, bed sheets, spare blankets and the like. You can keep the storage area open or hidden, depending on what you plan to keep there.

 Under bed storage


  1. Organize your dresser and closet


Try organizing your clothes both in your dresser and in your bedroom closet to make most of this storage space. Try something like vacuum packing the clothes that are out of season or giving away the clothing that you no longer wear or your children’s outgrown clothes to make more room for the apparel that you use currently.

Also try to include as many clothing rods, storage boxes and hangers as possible for a more organized and neatly packed dresser and closet. You can also hang shoe racks on the closet doors and put shoes, scarves, socks, ties or other clothing in them.

 Vacuum packing clothes


  1. Invest in a wardrobe wall


Sliding wardrobes that move along your wall may not be cheap, but they are ideal not only for storage, but also for the overall layout and interior style of your bedroom. Instead of having one big and bulky wardrobe in the middle of the room that will spoil the general appearance and the harmony of your bedroom, you should better have a sliding wall-to-wall wardrobe.

It will make your room not only look more modern and trendy, but also more compact.

Choose wardrobes with light colors or perhaps mirrored sliding wardrobes as these will brighten your bedroom and make it seem larger once again because of the visual effect. If your budget allows you, use a wall-to-wall sliding wardrobe in your children’s room, too.

You can put stickers on them with your children’s favorite cartoon characters or choose wardrobes that are of your children’s favorite color, possibly a lighter one to make their bedroom look bigger, too.

Bear in mind that although such wardrobes may cost more, they will be an extremely useful investment with a triple purpose: storage, compactness and a modern look for your bedroom.

full length wardrobe wall

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