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Design In Form

An invaluable tool that gives you the information necessary to research the vast history of modern furniture design, interior design as well as the designers and creators behind it all.
With the 100% accurate information which we have curated, we are able to create one-off inspired pieces for you, so that you can get affordable bespoke furniture and decor inspired by your favorite artist for your home interior.


Goals Make Visions become a Reality.

“Design is everywhere, good or bad. Making it good design is the hard part.”

–Morris Shaffer

Who are we?

Meet Some Of The Research Team...

With their combined passion for all things art, our research team spends hours of their own personal time to do research into long-lost artists and designers of the interior furniture and textile design you love so that they can bring all the information to your fingertips

Blessing Allman

Lead Historical Researcher

Macie Mansell

Interior Design Researcher

Zeynep Britt

Art Gallery Curator

"Without artistic design, there would be no love, and without love, there would be no design."

Leon Childs

Award Winning Set Designer

"A great craftsman is not born with enhanced ability, they are simply molded by the troubling and upbeat times they experience in life which allows them to become great at what they do."

Edward Puckett

Garden Design

Edward is one of our top Garden Designer on the team, he has done plenty of research on gardens all over the world and has completed many personal projects for our clients.

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Lilly-May Gilbert

Interior Designer

Whether it's for a billionaire client or a small business, Lilly-May takes inspiration from the many other interior designers over the years and puts their ideas back into her own work.

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Brendon Fraser

Furniture Designer

From bespoke seating to unique sets of bedroom furniture, Brendon has taken inspiration from designers all over the world to ensure he can create the best furniture for his clients.

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Jordan Bowes


Textiles are everywhere and it is essential that the textile you use in your home best represents your personality. Jordan knows, through research, what textile design suits you best.

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Experts in their own right.

These are just a few members of the team, as you can imagine, design goes far beyond textiles and gardens and is a form of expression that is more than a piece of fabric or a plank of wood. That is exactly why our team has grown to over 50+ members who specialize in different fields within Arts, Crafts, and Design.

Learning without reason is a waste of time, just like practicing without purpose.

Design is a form of learning, learning in the form of understanding your newest subject or learning how to create something a certain way for a loyal or new client. Life is full of learning opportunities and design and art are no exception to this rule.

Some of the artists we have already digitized

Their Historic Work.

David Rockwell

Interior Design

Neisha Crosland

Textile Design

Ian McHarg

Garden Design

Barbara Hepworth

Garden Design

Jasper Morrison

Furniture Design

Albero Meda

Furniture Design


Design in Form's Clientele.

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