Neisha Crosland

A British born textile and wallpaper designer, Neisha Crosland initially studied graphic design at the School of Art at Camberwell and then found her passion to be textile design, so moved on to study this at the Royal College of Art. Her first design gig was for Osborne & Little, a Romana collection in 1988 and then for Harlequin Wallcoverings LTD between the years of 1990 and 1994. With her built up knowledge through her previous design experience she launched her own design studio in 1994 in London, specifically Battersea.

Neisha Crosland Tiles were most sort for between the years of 1995-1996 and then it seems that every one transitioned into Neisha Crosland Wallpaper on the wall of their living room and bedroom area.

Winning many awards for her work Crosland work has been collected and displayed in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London