What is steampunk decor?

Most people aren’t aware of the steampunk decor trend, since its an unpopular one and is certainly one of those trends that requires a certain taste, sort of like marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

So then, what is steampunk decor?

Well straight away, as soon as someone says ‘steampunk’ people seem to immediately cast their minds back to the Victorian times, which is precisely where the design style comes from. But more specifically, the style is the inventions and ideas that were so popular back then, which drives the narrative for today’s modern steampunk decor we might see in a home. Since there is no one specific example of ‘steampunk decor’ as there is many, just like there are many styles of antique French style design and contemporary design, we are going to go ahead and discuss some of the types of steampunk decor that can be used in your own home if you’re wanting to jump on this unique but exciting trend.

Types of Steampunk Decor

As we’ve just clarified, there are many types of steampunk decor that can be used to create a steampunk style house, whether that’s from using small decorations on your table tops like steampunk ornaments to bring in the style or by drastically changing the look of a room by touching up your walls with some inspired steampunk wallpaper. However you want to transform your home, whether you’re wanting to keep your space like that of a minimalist like this interior design style article by WhatStorage, only adding pieces that are necessary and not overcrowding the space or you’re looking to be a lot less subtle and fill up your space with your favourite steampunk designs, then below you’ll no doubt find a way you can add the steampunk style to your home in a way that will work for you.

Steampunk Ornaments

If you’re looking to achieve a subtle steampunk bedroom, without wanting to drastically change the current aesthetics of the room like this article on minimalist bedrooms by Compact Appliance, adding steampunk ornaments will allow you to get the full steampunk affect feel without the constraint of making the change a permanent one, because unlike wallpaper ornaments can be removed in a heartbeat if you decide that the steampunk bandwagon isn’t something you want to be a part of for to long.

A great example of such ornaments are steampunk valves, now at first glance they don’t seem to be anything special since their just valves that are used in everyday piping, which is true if you’re not as open minded as most steampunk designers. Steampunk valves can be made into many things, and if you’re someone not looking for a DIY task then there is no doubt you will be able to find steampunk valve inspired ornaments such as steampunk lamps that can be placed on any bedside table or for that matter any tabletop space if you’re looking to make Victorian steampunk decor a part of your home.

Just like the valves, steampunk gear can be used for decor purposes too. Immediately they don’t look like much but with a bit of creative thinking, you could easily use this easily sourced items as wall decor and because of their ‘natural finish’, looking as if they were taken straight from the steampunk era, you will be able to bring decor to your home that will also stand as a homage to the steampunk era.

Steampunk Wallpaper

Now, before you even consider steampunk wallpaper, you have to ask yourself, do you REALLY want to do this? The decision isn’t as looming as we are making it out to be, because you can reverse it if you’re not a complete fan but when thinking about cost and time, it is certainly a decor choice you should really consider before pulling the trigger and should be one you are truly in love with so there are no regrets down the line.

Steampunk Color Palettes

Since we’ve got that out the way and you’ve come to your final definitive decision, and even before we discuss what sort of steampunk wallpaper you can get for your walls, its time to talk about typical steampunk color palettes, the steampunk color wheel if you will.

The steampunk style, although unique, is no exception to the principles of modem day design because just like modern day design there are many different types that we can love and hate and this fact is especially apparent with the steampunk colours. There are many different combinations, that could be considered beautiful to me and that may look rancid to you. Below is a colour scheme table that you can consider if you’re interested in what sort of colours that should be used to help you get a steampunk style house.

Steampunk Wallpaper For Walls

We spoke about keeping things subtle with steampunk ornaments, but in terms of steampunk wallpaper for walls, it is practically on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to staying quiet. Even with a quick Google search, you can see some of the eye catching and surprisingly beautiful steampunk wallpapers you are able to get for your home. It appears, like many interior design stylist that the only true steampunk wallpaper all have some form of bold design, sort of like art pieces rather than simply subtle colours like from the steampunk color palette.

Which honestly is fine, as such types of steampunk wallpaper can make for a great feature wall, just like you see in modern day design where we paint a single back wall to draw your attention to that area, you could use the wallpaper in the similar way to achieve the affect of intentional focus. Its interesting how they call it wallpaper but honestly its more like steampunk art, but one of our favourite ‘steampunk wallpaper’ designs is this beautiful Steampunk Angle Mural which you can see below.

Steampunk Art

Just like wallpaper, steampunk art is no exception to the rule of being not so subtle, which again if you’re trying to get the steampunk look its best to go all in instead of having odd ornaments here and there placed around your home, after all its your home you best be proud of the way it looks so go bold. Though, I wouldn’t plaster your home with steampunk art simply because you will overpower the rest of your home and you along with anyone else who visits will feel overwhelmed with the amount of design going on at once, so it’s best to keep art pieces few and far between if you are taking this trend seriously and want to feature it in your home like a professional would.

The steampunk art style is best used to convert your personal haven into a steampunk bedroom, steampunk art artists recommend you display the art above your bed to give a focal point affect, since this is where most of the attention is when in a bedroom so it would be a wise choice to compliment this fact with some steampunk art.

Steampunk Furniture

Now one of the most, if not THE most drastic change you can make to your home if you’re looking to add steam punk decor and completely transform the aesthetics and feeling of any space is by changing and updating your furniture to inspired steampunk home furnishings. Now whether you want to add a single table to your lounge to achieve the look are you’re more than happy to completely throw out your current furniture and replace it with beautiful steampunk furniture, there are couple of questions you need to ask yourself first. Such as, what room are you changing? Is your current room going to work with the new furniture? Are you going for a specific theme?

If these are just some of the questions you have, then keep reading as we have some great examples of the type of steampunk furniture you could feature in your home and that will hopefully get those steampunk gears in your brain turning so you can consider what your home could look.

Steampunk Headboard

One of the most important furniture pieces in your home is your bed, and you will also spend much of your time here throughout your day, so it makes sense for you to bring your new love of steampunk decor to your personal haven. Many people think because of the size of the bed you have means that converting your it the style you want will be expensive and mainly very time consuming, however if you know anything about beds, you will know that replacing the headboard is an effortless experience that won’t put a hole in your pocket. Complimenting this with a piece of steampunk art will allow you to get the focal point you desire.

Steampunk Coffee Table

Speaking of focal point pieces, if you’re looking to guide your home into the steampunk era, would also recommend replacing your coffee table to be on top of the list since it’s a cheap way for you to bring a focal point piece in your lounge or living area that is going to keep you the desired outcome. There are many styles of steampunk coffee tables to choose from, ones that feature modern wood contemporary wood with a steampunk twist such as piping around the legs or cogs for the base of the legs or you could even go bold and get a coffee table that has been completely inspired by the steampunk age. Below are two good examples of steampunk coffee tables, however both on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to how eye catching they are.

Bold Steampunk Coffee TableSubtle Steampunk Coffee Table