Hollywood Vanity Mirrors – The Perfect Mirror For Complementing Any Dressing Table

We’ve seen them all before, mostly on TV, in celebrities bedrooms as a way of showing off their importance and letting the audience know that they must be super duper important to have something so grand – almost overpowering – in a room, they spend little to no time in. The Hollywood Mirror is of course what I’m talking about, …

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Man mopping wooden floor in bright porch/reception room.

Cleaning up After an Interior Revamp

You might have been dreaming about that new kitchen for ages but you certainly didn’t sign up for the whirlwind of a mess that comes with it. If your house is in shambles courtesy of a recent revamping, let the following house cleaning tips lighten the load. A wet towel works wonders for dusty walls A wet towel sweeps off …

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What is steampunk decor?

Most people aren’t aware of the steampunk decor trend, since its an unpopular one and is certainly one of those trends that requires a certain taste, sort of like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. So then, what is steampunk decor? Well straight away, as soon as someone says ‘steampunk’ people seem to immediately cast their minds …

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