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Difference Between Villa and Bungalow

Many people are confused about the difference between a villa and a bungalow. They both seem to be very similar in many aspects. Both are considered luxury homes, but there are still some differences that need to be highlighted so you will know how they are different from each other.

Here is the Difference Between Villa and Bungalow


1. The size of the house

The bungalow is a type of house that has a single front door, so it mostly resembles a typical home. But the villas have several doors, so you can have access to different rooms from different sides. Most people associate a villa with a mansion, although it is not always the case. A villa can be a medium-sized house for an average family, while a mansion is usually associated with royalty and considered uncommon by normal standards.


Difference Between Villa and Bungalow - Bungalow


The bungalow has less space than the villas, but it can still offer convenience to its occupants. The bungalow does not have so much room to accommodate many people, but it can still be an ideal place for a small family with only a few members. The villa, on the other hand, is considered as one of the biggest houses that you can have in your area. Many people consider the villa as one step below owning your own mansion because it is so big!


2. The number of rooms

The bungalow is a small house, so it only has a few rooms. In fact, the typical bungalow can have just around four to five rooms for its occupants. The villa, on the other hand, has many rooms where each person can have their own space and privacy inside the house. The villa can be a good place for a family with a lot of children to accommodate all members of the family without having any conflicts.

The number of rooms between the bungalow and the villa is also another big difference that you may want to consider especially when you are choosing which type of luxury home will best suit your needs.


3. The exterior design

The bungalow and the villa both have their exterior designed differently from one another as well as having a different purpose for which they were built. The bungalows are considered as the smaller version of the villas; thus, you can say that they share similar designs. However, the villas are designed to be bigger than the bungalows because of their large number of rooms and to accommodate many people in the family.



The exterior design of the villa is more spacious than the typical bungalow design. The exterior design of the villa is designed to come with larger spaces to accommodate many people inside its rooms, unlike in the case of the bungalows wherein space is limited since it only has a few rooms.


4. The number of floors

When it comes to villa, they usually have more than one floor. This is because it has many rooms that need to accommodate more people, therefore, they need additional floors or levels to provide space for all occupants of the house. On the contrary, the bungalow only has one floor so it is easier for them to build this type of luxury home in your area.



The floors in a villa are also designed to be spacious and can include additional rooms. The overall appearance of the exterior design is more spacious compared to the bungalow, which has a smaller number of rooms.

The exterior design of a bungalow does not require you to have many floors just like in the case of the villas because it was not designed with so many rooms and to accommodate a large number of people.


5. The Lot Area

The lot area is another key difference between a bungalow and a villa. The size of the land where you can put your house is directly proportional to the design of the exterior and how big it will be. This means that the larger the lot area, the it also means that you will have more space available for your home’s exterior design.

The lot area is smaller in a bungalow compared to the villa. This means that if you have a bungalow, it has a smaller space for its exterior design because of the small size of the land where it was built. The exterior design of the villa’s exterior is spacious and takes up more room from the land, which means that it has a larger lot area.


6. The cost of constructions

Since the villa is bigger than the bungalow, then you can expect that it will also cost more to construct as compared to building a bungalow in your area. This is true because you need more resources and materials to accommodate all of the rooms in your villa. The cost of construction is higher for a bungalow just because they are small and only have a few rooms to accommodate.

The villas are more expensive than bungalows, so if you are looking to design this type of luxury home that you can afford, then it is best to choose the bungalow.

The cost of constructing the villa is higher than constructing a bungalow because it has more rooms to accommodate all family members or occupants instead of having only a few rooms like the bungalows.


7. The purpose of the house

Aside from differences in size, design, and cost of construction between a bungalow and a villa, you should also consider their distinct purposes. The bungalows are usually built to be small because it is intended for a single-family who wants a comfortable home where they can do their activities together. On the other hand, the villas are built to accommodate many people. Even if you have several rooms in your house, it does not mean that there are already enough for everyone because this type of luxury home is designed to be spacious especially its exterior design.

The villa’s purpose is more different from a bungalow because it was created to accommodate many occupants or people who share a house together. Since the bungalow only has a few rooms, it was intended to have fewer occupants.

The villa is a much larger and more expensive structure than the bungalow. Its exterior design takes up more room and is intended for a single-family or group of people. The bungalow, on the other hand, is built for fewer occupants and its exterior design is not as spacious. When it comes to cost, construction, and purpose, these two types of houses vary greatly.



There are many differences between bungalows and villas, but each serve a specific purpose. If you are looking for a small quaint home to occupy, a bungalow is what you want! But if you want a expansive home that is perfect for parties and a family. A villa is best.


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