Home Interior Trends 2019

2019 is here with us, well, it is almost here and what better way to start a new year with some evolution of our home and work spaces? We are talking trends that will make you fall in love the moment you step into that space. So how about a sneak peek into what interior design is all about in 2019!

Minimalist Interior Design Tips

If you have come across one of those make up videos there is always an insistence that a little product goes a long way.

Away from make up now, see, essentially this style emphasizes on space creation for example by having less furniture in a given space, working with lighter furniture pieces, affording enough storage space in all rooms, clearing kitchen counters of appliances and utensils along with other décor articles.

Space creation also creates a center of dominance in the room attracting the eye to specific features as you enter a room, for instance a beautifully sculpted fire place or a cabinet of Chinese crockery.

Avoiding cluttered arrangement of articles in a room also creates an expansive illusion and a relaxing ambiance.

Decorating With Natural Elements

Gracing the list of interior design trends in 2019, is the inclusion of garden pieces and have them compliment the majority inorganic articles in indoor spaces.

Throw in that pot of Fiddle leaf fig, or that Kentia palm or the Swiss cheese plant or the Split-leaf Philodendron and stir excitement with their subtle flourishing and glistening morning dew.

They can add a certain jet of freshness when carefully positioned on windows, corners and other surfaces of the house of work space.

Personalised Decor

In 2019, we look forward to seeing more subjective pieces touching strategic points of our interior spaces. This includes photos of an individual or their loved ones, accolades, printed and hand woven articles with one’s name or motto or even clothing articles that have an aesthetic appeal.

Personalizing one’s space is calming and welcoming and is a way of expressing your personality to those who get a chance to view the room.
After all, home is where the heart belongs.

Natural House Design

Bursting into the scenes as an interior design trend in 2019 is the appreciation of articles and finishing that is made from natural materials.

This trend, other than improving the eco system by bringing on board recyclable pieces thus enhancing sustainability, it also creates a beautiful textural balance while designing interior space.

It includes going for hand woven cotton shrugs, bamboo furniture, or ceramic vessels and the all classical wooden fitting and floors and ceilings.

Bold Interior Design

2019 is all about making statements. Have everyone and yourself staring up like you have just seen the northern lights with bold ceiling designs with textured ceiling surfaces, unusual curves in the lighting arrangement and three dimensional ceilings.

You can also look forward to the captivating stair case ideas that range from floating steps, zig zag open raiser stairways and having more metallic finishing to stairway beams and panels.

Unexpected wall protrusions and excavations with curious turns in hall way designs will surely have us want to get over the next few couple of days and jump into 2019 already!

Contrast in Design

Coming in finally as one of the interior design trends to look forward to in 2019 is the application of contrast.

Whether it is contrasting materials from smooth silk to rugged cushion covers, mixing geometric shapes on the fabrics with more organic floral and wispy patterns, or matte to more glossy and satin finish on articles and wall colours, 2019 is inviting us all to explore and infinite combination of unlikely ideas and making them appealing.

Trends are definitely reviving and the interior design trends 2019 are definitely topping resolution check lists. Interior design is an art and 2019 trends are coming to augment and project the artist in you unapologetically!