Top 4 Bespoke Upholstery Designs for 2019

Here we will look at bespoke furniture, in other words, furniture that is made to measure to suit individual(s) requirements, and what could be the top five high bespoke flyers in 2019.
Putting the right piece, in the right space, is so important. We all know the consequences of getting it completely wrong and these are the furniture trendy tips to look out for.

Blush Upholstery Fabric

Taking the number one slot Blush tones which now holds the relatively new position as ‘Neutral.’ It is a tone that sets a kind of soothing and relaxing aura about it and pairs well with grey colors. Blush can also combine well with navy blues with the darker color standing out more.

This Shimmer Blush Velvet Upholstery Fabric is a great example of blush upholstery, found more like this from Haute House Fabric.

Snug Bed Materials

Moving into the bedroom for our second placed piece of furniture on the top 5 textiles in 2019 and were looking at beds. But not just any beds. The bed focus in 2019 is all about ‘snugness.’ The emphasis will be all about creating a kind of individual womb-like feeling which might be a reflection on how society feels about being safe these days. Even though we can not remember our ‘safe womb’ days we know we did not have to face the things we do in the real world right now. Headboards and footboards, upholstered, creating that warm snugly feeling should come into play in 2019.

Can you imagine using this on your headboard or footboard? You’ll sleep like a baby with this snug material nesting you! Check out the Velour Fleece Fabric here.

Modern Geometric Pattern

At number three we have types of patterns that are arithmetical or geometric coming into play and should make an even bigger impact in 2019. These kinds of patterns can be absolutely stunning graphical designs. With the correct usage, these are extremely adaptable and look incredibly effective. They can bring joie de vivre to designs plus a kind of more smooth stylistic grace. I must admit it is time to make a move away from the tribal phase.

The pattern is a little hypnotizing, so we’d recommend the use of this kept to minimum but still, there’s just something about the design, I can’t take my eyes off it!

Synthetic Fabrics

At number four, and with all the focus on the environment and what we can all do to protect it, we have synthetic fabrics which have been an appeal for a few people for a long time as they are created for the purpose of protecting the enviroment, using materials that have been completey man made so collecting their resoursces do not furthur damage the enviroment. They tend to deliver a certain kind of quality to interior designs and that will continue in 2019 with the different types of rocks and stones coming into play more and more. In addition to looking rather good, they do have practical advantages which bring a nice feel to furniture.

This is Synthetic wool, we can’t believe that its man made, truley looks like the real deal. If you’re in the market for wool, you should check out the other colours here.