Hollywood Vanity Mirrors – The Perfect Mirror For Complementing Any Dressing Table

We’ve seen them all before, mostly on TV, in celebrities bedrooms as a way of showing off their importance and letting the audience know that they must be super duper important to have something so grand – almost overpowering – in a room, they spend little to no time in.

The Hollywood Mirror is of course what I’m talking about, those mirrors with light bulbs around them – certainly for people with a distinct taste.

Or are they?

Well, I’m here today to tell you all about them, just how grand they are, what their true purpose is and if it’ll work in your home…let’s get started with an introduction and a little more about these mirrors which are talking over the dressing table market.

Hollywood Makeup Mirror – An Introduction

There is no mysterious reason as to why they’re referred to as Hollywood mirrors – although sometimes they are referred to as illuminating mirrors.

Hollywood makeup mirrors are spoken about with this name as they were primarily used on dressing tables across Hollywood and the rest of the show biz world.

Now they can be seen through dressing tables across many industries and probably in your best friends home

Typically accompanied by a complimenting table and stool, whether that be a white antique french stool or one that follows a more traditional contemporary pattern.

Hollywood vanity mirrors with lights are heavily used for good reason too, beyond letting everyone know how glamorous) you are (or feel, they offer a great deal of light and viewing space to help out with your morning makeup routine.

hollywood mirrors


Purpose of a Hollywood Style Mirror

As I’ve just touched on, the Hollywood Style Mirror do actually have some purpose than just being there to complement, complete or blend in with a room.


Now the design is obviously very striking, some (probably most) would say it’s a little overwhelming for a bedroom, and it can be if you don’t already feature similar types of furniture.

You’re going to also need a particular type of taste to feature something so bold – if you’re into steampunk decor, this is right up your street (they may not match but they’re both as bold).

Basically, make sure your personality matches the glitz and glam this mirror is going to bring.

The light up bulb mirrors frame is typically finished in white, which at the very least makes it eligible to fit into a lot of interior styles because as any good interior design knows…white works with practically anything.


The practical purpose for this Hollywood makeup mirror is to help out with your morning routine, whether you’re applying your makeup or checking to see if you’re hair is on point.

It does this thanks to the number of light-bulbs the frame has been designed with, which are attached all around, making to put the spotlight on you at all times, giving you all the lighting you could possibly need to carry out your morning routine.

Hollywood Dressing Table Mirror – Will it Work in Your Home?

That’s actually a good question since they’re not like any ordinary decor. As soon as they’re introduced into your bedroom they immediately act as a focal point piece, overpowering the rest of your furniture and potentially negatively impacting the atmosphere of the room.

To stop this from happening, you’re going to want other similar grand furniture in your home already (or at least be in the middle of planning to put them in).

Things like heavily ornate dressing tables which are accompanied by a bright white stool would work perfectly alongside a new Hollywood makeup mirror with lights which would help to stop the mirror taking over the whole setting.

So ultimately, you’re going to want to match it with similar furniture, like a dressing table and stool set combination.

If you don’t have that, then you may want to look at getting something a little less bold for your home, perhaps a table lamp instead if you’ve got the room for one on your dressing table.

Having said that, you still may be able to make it work, after all, interior design is all about experimenting and playing around with new and interesting ideas.

Hollywood Bathroom Mirror – Does it Work?

Hollywood mirrors have now started to make an appearance in the bathroom, to no surprise actually, since this is another key place you may need them to help you get ready.

They also do well in this part of your home because about 80% of the bathrooms today are covered in white paint, just like almost any Hollywood light bulb mirror you’ll be able to find on the market.

More than certainly considered unusual bathroom mirrors, this particular wall mounted bathroom mirror can completely transform your washroom.

And since bathrooms have no real focal point, except perhaps your bath itself, this illuminating bathroom mirror would do just perfectly at being the center of attention.

So, although the original design and purpose of these mirrors were to be a part of a bedroom/dressing room, the framed bathroom mirror works just as well in your bathroom too.

If you get the chance, you must invite one of these Hollywood mirrors into your washroom area, right above your sink.

Final Thoughts

Hollywood style vanity mirrors can work for all styles of rooms, even in your bathroom! Making them one of the most versatile mirrors I’ve personally came across.

So, If you’re looking to invite glitz and glamour into your bedroom, then you don’t want to miss out one of the newest Home Interior Trends of 2019.

And if you want to add some extra lighting to your bedroom or bathroom area and you don’t mind inviting something that might take over space and acting as the newest focal point, then I could not recommend inviting a Hollywood Vanity Mirror into your home enough.