The 10 Best Plants For Driveway Entrance

If your driveway entrance is looking too plain, then it’s time to spruce it up a bit. And one good way of providing more life in your driveway is by adding stunning plants in appropriate areas. After all, plants do a great job of making dull-looking exteriors look friendlier and much more pleasing to the eyes.

Now, if you’re looking for excellent plants to add or can’t decide which plants you want to adorn your driveway, this guide has you covered. Here are some of the best plants for driveway entrance spaces below.

1. Russian Sage

10 Best Plants For Driveway Entrance - Russian sage

Russian Sage Photo Credit – Adobe Stock

You can decorate your driveway with some lovely Russian Sage. After all, these plans sprout to a maximum of four feet in height and also form bushes. This makes them incredibly ideal for filling out empty driveway entrance spaces. Although they don’t create lush bushes compared to other plants, their purple-colored flowers still make them an attractive choice nonetheless.

In addition, Russian Sage is also a low-maintenance plant since it can tolerate drought. Therefore, you don’t have to water this plant as often, and you can simply leave this plant to bloom on its own.

2. Monkey Grass

10 Best Plants For Driveway Entrance - Monkey Grass

Monkey Grass Photo Credit – leoleobobeo

Monkey Grass is another highly favored plant to place in driveways. And similar to Russian Sage, Monkey Grass is also a plant that buds beautiful spiky purple flowers. Its green grassy foliage grows a maximum of one foot in width and height. Again, it’s another plant that relatively doesn’t need much maintenance to grow, as long as you plant it in an area that offers decent sunlight and shade.

3. Californian Poppy

California Poppies Photo Credit – Adobe Stock

If you’re looking for a vividly red plant, then you should highly consider planting Californian Poppies. Besides their signature red color, their pop of gold in the middle will surely be a head-turner. Therefore, they will provide your lawn with that much-needed warm feeling.

Moreover, your driveway will surely liven up since these flowers tend to show a blended mix of yellow, orange, and gold during its sowing stage. These flowers benefit the most in locations where the sun shines down the most. With that being said, Californian Poppies are ideal flowers for the sunniest spots in your driveway entrance.

4. Mexican Sage

Mexican Sage Photo by Dina from Pexels

The Mexican Sage is the next plant included in this list of best plants for driveway entrance spaces. Once this plant blooms, it also offers lovely purple flowers. And even without its flowers in full bloom, the Mexican Sage’s green and gray foliage still does a fantastic job of adding character to your driveway home.

But without a doubt, the best thing about Mexican Sages is that they don’t need tons of maintenance to grow either. They get as tall as four feet and grow wide enough to form a nice bush. Mexican Sage also quickly recovers from getting stepped on, making them one of the best plants to add in driveway areas.

5. Seaside Daisy

Here’s another beautiful plant that you can add to your driveway opening. Seaside Daisies are only a foot tall in terms of size and also don’t require much attention once they’re planted. Now, even though Seaside Daisies don’t grow as tall, they can still offer you a picturesque driveway thanks to their assorted-colored flowers. Since these flowers tend to develop small, it’s a good plant option for those who own smaller driveways.

6. Winter Gem

Winter Gem Photo Credit – Wikimedia

If you just want rich green foliage for your driveway entrance, then you should opt for the Winter Gem. This plant usually grows in a box-like form, making it an excellent pick to line your driveway corners and pathways. This is also probably why this plant is referred to as Winter Gem Boxwood. Winter Gem usually reaches heights of four to six feet. Still, you can maintain their size to at least two feet by regularly cutting them.

7. Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme Photo Credit – Adobe Stock

Thyme does more than decorate your driveway entrance with a fresh pop of color. Like most plants in this list, Thyme isn’t a sensitive plant and can stand being squashed a bit. Moreover, Thyme unleashes a delightful whiff of smell after being lightly stepped on, so it will definitely do more than just brighten up your driveway areas. This plant also sprouts well on rocky surfaces and can significantly soften the overall look of your stone driveway.

8. Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny Photo Credit – Adobe Stock

Next, here’s a vibrant yellow flower that will offer your driveway bright golden yellow shades. Also referred to as Creeping Golden Jenny, this plant grows to a relatively small stalk (a maximum of ten centimeters in height). Creeping Jenny plant blooms cup-like flowers that are two centimeters wide.

Creeping Jenny can be placed in driveway areas that are partially shaded. After all, these flowers still need a bit of sunlight so that they maintain their gorgeous golden yellow color. With that being said, you can plant Creeping Jenny in those lonely corners of your driveway entrance where the sun doesn’t shine a lot.

9. Black Mondo Grass

Black Mondo Grass Photo Credit – Adobe Stock

Also called Kokuryu, Black Mondo Grass is pretty black-colored foliage that pairs well with lightly-colored stone surfaces. Other than providing you with luscious contrasting color, its long-growing and narrow-shaped leaves will easily give your driveway entrance an attractive edging. Black Mondo Grass grows up between twenty or thirty centimeters in length.

In addition, they can also grow shiny blackberries after flowering. So, even if these plants are stepped on a lot, these plants would still quickly recuperate from the damages and still grow as intended.

10. Lavender

Lavender Photo Credit – Adobe Stock

There are plenty of lavender varieties that you can choose from. Lavender typically grows between 18 to 36 inches tall and tends to spread and grow bluish to purple flowers. Meanwhile, its foliage has marvelous color combinations of green and silver, which will surely make your driveway opening look spectacular.

And whether you want to plant English, Spanish, or even its French variant, you won’t ever regret picking this plant to adorn your driveway at all. Besides offering stunning views for your driveway, you will also benefit from the Lavender’s pleasant smell.


Basically, there are tons of best plants for driveway entrances. So, whether you want brightly colored ornamental plants or just purely green foliage, the choice is all yours. And with so many options to choose from, you won’t have a hard time selecting great driveway entrance plants that suit your needs and preferences. Lastly, most of these plants are easy to cultivate, so you don’t need to be a gardening expert in caring for your future driveway entrance plants at all.

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