David Rockwell

Known for both his architect and design ability, David Rockwell was born in 1956 into a theatrical family where his mother who was both a dancer and choreographer who would often get him to be involved with community productions to give her son an opportunity to join in with her profession and obsession. Rockwell trained in architecture at Syracuse University in Mexico and transferred to the Architectural Association in London.

David Rockwell Projects

David Rockwell projects consisted of many different things throughout his career, he currently serves as Chair Emeritus of the Design Industries Foundation and is also a board member of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

On top of this, is notably involved in a citymeals-on-wheels organisation in New York as well as being involved in their renovation project.

He also worked on his own project, which was the development of an Imagination Playground which encouraged children to work together to create unique worlds of play between themselves.