Jasper Morrison

Born in 1959 in the unknown whereabouts of London, Jasper Morrison graduated in Design at the Kingstone Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art in London, with an exchange year at HdK art school in Berlin. Jasper went on to set up an Office for Design in his hometown.

Jasper Morrison is a man of many talents, unlike many people Jasper did not believe in niching himself down to create only bedroom furniture or to creating only chairs or tables. Jasper Morrison lamps pieces are still being used all around the home today along with his famous Jasper Morrison Kitchen pieces.

And for designers looking to mimic Jasper work, he has produced several of his own ‘Jasper Morrison Books’ over the years which take note of his design choices, his career as well as his general life.

Jasper is still active today, an in a more recent year he was one of the founders of ‘Super Normal’ although many confuse this with Jasper Morrison Supernormal; which is an exhibit in Japan that shows of his work as well as other famous designers, such as Albero Meda.

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