Ian McHarg

Ian McHarg was a Scots-American landscape architect. The son of a minister, Ian McHarg was birthed near Glasgow and was advised by his father to pursue a career in landscape architecture because is two most favourite activities to do was drawing and walking. After a troublesome wartime career with the Royal Marines, in the field of the Royal Engineers, Ian Mcharge studied for several years at the University of Harvard and started his landscape Architecture Programme at the University of Pennsylvania.

His self-titled book ‘Ian McHarg Design: With Nature’, was the most celebrated and sort for a book of architecture landscaping of the twentieth century. It makes an approach to the planning of a design that people had never considered which was to do it in an ecological way, rather than choosing a structure based on design. The ‘Design with Nature’ Ian had given this book was so brilliant that it gave a new dimension to the historic goal of imitating nature in your very own section of the world.

Ian Mcharg Quotes

We had to put this in here because its just brilliant and is a real thought proveker, taking directly from the Design with Nature:

“The nuclear cataclysm is over. The earth is covered with gray dust. In the vast silence no life exists, save for a little colony of algae hidden deep in a leaden cleft long inured to radiation. The algae perceive their isolation; they reflect upon the strivings of all life, so recently ended, and on the strenuous task of evolution to be begun anew. Out of their reflection could emerge a firm conclusion: ‘Next time, no brains’.”

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