Poster Designers

Poster Designers have become less and less useful in the practical world, traditionally speaking anyway. We would consider these people as ‘graphic designers’ as they are able to generate a single poster design on a digital device and print the design over and over against thanks to modern day machinery. However no less than 50 years ago, Poster Designers were more prominent in the world due to the fact that printers were not nearly as good as they are now and if they were, on whatever scale, they would only be able to produce low quality black and white prints, which isn’t helpful when one needs a colorful eye-catching poster to catch the attention of their target audience.

Cultural Poster Designers were effective in the way they created their designs, meaning that they were able to repeat their design over and over again to tailor their services to a client’s needs, not a huge scale like with modern printers but on scale where it was immediately obvious that if you were trying to advertise anything, a poster designer at the very least need to be considered to help bring you closer to your desired target audience.

Poster Designers

Below are a few hand-picked poster designers that we find to be fascinating, feature their own poster design styles, feel free to look into these people as well as the archives they are a part of to get even more information on the specific individual as well as people who are very similar to them.

Oded Ezer

Oded Ezer, unlike many poster designs, especially ones that use typography to express their designs uses a Hebrew character set, which is very unusual to use due to the lack of accessibility that many judges and civilians with this character set. However, Ezer has won plenty of prizes using this character set and is one of the many few designers out of Israel that is a true shining Star. His unique work has been shown two hundreds of thousands of people and has been featured in numerous museums all around the world.

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Ken Cato

Winning numerous amounts of awards in his mother country, Australia as well as Internationally for his graphic design work, Ken Cato’s work has been represented in museums and galleries throughout the world. Because of his long and intense career in graphic design, Cato has published a range of books including his thoughts and feels of graphic design as well as useful tips and helpful guides on how he goes about producing his work, helping to encourage new and old graphic designers into creating inspiring work as he does.

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Otto Baumberger

Starting out as an apprentice lithographer, Otto soon studied away from his home City in Zurich and moved to Munich to become a full-time graphic artist. He moved back to his hometown to become a full-time graphic designer as the world famous Zurich printing house which was responsible for its own printing and design. In his final years, Baumberger was a lecturer for colored design and drawing and lead and succeeded many students through a rigorous programme.

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Krzysztof Bednarski

Creating many posters for Polish films over his time of service, Krzysztof Bednarski is also a famous sculptor. Originally studying as a sculpture at the school of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Bednarksi created a series of posters as part of a theatrical project for productions such as Vigil, Project Mountain, Project earth and Human Tree among many others. This initial work lead him to become a great Polish poster design and one that was sort for by many producers due to the audience who would attract to a film solely based on the posters that he created.

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Tom Eckersley

At the beginning of his career, immediately after graduating from Salford Schol of Art, Tom Eckersley specialized in poster design and grew his reputation from there. Producing work for many high-end clients such as the BBC and The General Post Office. This was then brought to a close due to the outbreak of the Second World War, however, Tom went on to produce a series of ‘War Effort’ posters to help combat issues with war and the countries ongoing efforts to arise victoriously.

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