Postage Stamp Designers

Throughout history there have been various postage stamp designers, originally first used to simply send a mail post to another being, postage stamps have become a thing of beauty when it comes to mailing and there are many collectors around today because of this. It would be hard to accumulate a fair list of all the postage designer which have ever lived since it would be pretty much impossible to do so and we would also lack the credibility and knowledge to properly honour each designer with their fabulous designs.

Before linking you other to one of our valid sources, where you are able to find out about all types of postage designer, specifically ones within the countries of Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic and Slovakia – mainly because these are some of the worlds best postage designs so we like to only let our audience know about the best ones – we are going to first tell you about our favourite designers.

As the first postage stamp was issued in Britain on May 1st 1840, it took some time for other countries like Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic and Slovakia to join in on the trend, as these things are usually based on culture and never leave their mother country unless the trend REALLY catches on, which it did. However, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic and Slovakia were among the few that have created a legacy within stamp creation, producing beautiful pieces over the years which collectors all around the world sort for, some have even been preserved in museums as testimonials to their original artists and designers.

Postage Stamp Designers: Notable Artists

Martin Činovský

Martin is a Slovakian stamp engraver who has a high reputation in his mother country as a freelance graphic artist. Creating over far more than 100 stamp engraving and many other individual works for post offices across his nation (first-day letter, regular stamps). He first trained as a graphic designer in the ’70s alongside the great Albin Brunolsy, of one Slovakia’s most well respected graphic artists. He further broadened his horizon with studies in France until he fully concentrated on the speciality of post graphics in the early ’80s. In 1986 he became the first ever Slovak to engrave a stamp for Czechoslovakia which was a women volleyball world championship. He also designed several more notable stamps including the first issue of the newly founded Slovakia state coat of arms.

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Adolf Hoffmeister

Hoffmeister portrayed many different individuals through his portrait work, typically people who were within power in the cultural life of Czech Republic, he would begin these portraits once he met them in public, offering anyone looking at these designs a true and fair way of seeing the person in question. His portraits are so well known because of the fact that he was able to capture the individuals physical and mental being with only a few strokes – which allows the viewer to make their own assumptions of how the person is meant to be portrayed, but these are usually fairly obvious things to assume because of how many ‘hints’ he gives off in his work.

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